Stabilita je základ!


Rodinka našich PHP Knihoven dospěla do stabilního stavu. Tím je myšleno že je možné je použít i v projektech které nemají minimum-stability nastaveno na dev nebo testing.


vitex 30/11/99
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flexibee-digest 1.6

Installed: 3  Downloaded: 2
digest for FlexiBee Prepare digest with accounting state of FlexiBee. Then save to file or send by email. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and all time.

jailkit-dbgsym 2.20-1

Installed: 1  Downloaded: 7
Debug symbols for jailkit Build-Ids: 0d0bed9bad3db1e750ad77ce0051d1540e6302a5 15773d6a3d4403cb99f4455683dd526a474477f6 355d1b87a65febaff6ce44350bac40ce9a79021e b5024634400e8bcd3df818ebcf38580fac549e0e bdc1345a320fc84c45a7e329acd0522cbe7fa2ce

jailkit 2.20-1

Installed: 3  Downloaded: 8
chroot jail utilities Jailkit is a set of utilities to create chroot jails for users, processes and daemons. There are utilities to build a jail, to test a jail, and to run a jail. See 'man jailkit' for further information. The jailkit website is at

nightly 65.0a1.1

Installed: 13  Downloaded: 8
Mozilla Nightly web browser installer Firefox Nihtly is a powerful, extensible web browser with support for modern web application technologies.

ease-framework 1.19

Installed: 13  Downloaded: 20
Simple PHP framework Support ORM, HTML5, jQueryUI and TwitterBootstrap Classes.

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