Stabilita je základ!


Rodinka našich PHP Knihoven dospěla do stabilního stavu. Tím je myšleno že je možné je použít i v projektech které nemají minimum-stability nastaveno na dev nebo testing.


vitex 30/11/99
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ease-core 0.4

Installed: 0  Downloaded: 5
EasePHP Framework common classes foe Ease Framework.

kse 5.4.1

Installed: 1  Downloaded: 4
Multipurpose keystore and certificate tool KeyStore Explorer is a user friendly GUI application for creating, managing and examining keystores, keys, certificates, certificate requests, certificate revocation lists and more. Homepage:

flexipeehp-bricks 0.14

Installed: 8  Downloaded: 6
PHP Based FlexiBee RestAPI/Json library AddOns Additional classess and code snipplets for FlexiPeeHP library

flexibee-digest 1.8

Installed: 4  Downloaded: 6
digest for FlexiBee Prepare digest with accounting state of FlexiBee. Then save to file or send by email. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and all time.

flexibee-server-backup 2018.2.7.3-23

Installed: 1  Downloaded: 6
Každodení zálhoa dat Každý den uloží zálohu firmy do /var/lib/backup/flexibee nebo jinam dle volby

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