Stabilita je základ!


Rodinka našich PHP Knihoven dospěla do stabilního stavu. Tím je myšleno že je možné je použít i v projektech které nemají minimum-stability nastaveno na dev nebo testing.


vitex 30/11/99
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clientzone 1.0

Installed: 1  Downloaded: 6
Client Zone for FlexiBee Provide customer access to its orders and invoices

netbeans-php-tools 0.4-19-3

Installed: 4  Downloaded: 7
Various supporting tools for full value PHP development. Netbeans give you powerful IDE for all kinds of good practices testing, profiling, documentation, code coverage etc.

composer 1.7.2-1

Installed: 16  Downloaded: 7
Dependency Manager for PHP. Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you.

ease-framework-bricks 0.6

Installed: 8  Downloaded: 8
Simple PHP framework Bricks Addon components for EasePHP Framework

winbox 3.18

Installed: 5  Downloaded: 13
a small program that allows users to control and monitor Mikrotik RouterOS The package WinBox provide the interface (gui) to configure the Mikrotik OS router is currently only running on the operating system microsoft windows and mac with the ease we winbox in the Mikrotik OS router and the effect of the unix command shell that is Mikrotik OS router.

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